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“Colonial Surety exemplifies the type of value added service we provide to our clients to help them sustain and protect their retirement plans. Their technology and experienced personnel make the process of securing bonds hassle free.”

Ross Brown,
Senior Vice President Sales & Relationship Management,
ExpertPlan, NJ

“Colonial Surety is a one stop solution for a plan fiduciary's bonding needs. Our clients like them because they're easy to work with and cost competitive. We like them because a referral to Colonial Surety means the bonding requirement will be met.
Problem solved!”
Steve Shearn
Hayashi & Wayland, CA

“The efficiency of Colonial Surety’s on-line Bond application and report processes are the reasons we switched from our long-time Broker. Their staff is by far the most knowledgeable, accommodating we have ever experienced. Colonial Surety ensures timely, accurate service from the minute the Bond is written through all changes, questions and renewals that are made. “
Cathy Smith O'Connor
Frankel Lerner & O'Connor, PA

“We were first introduced to Colonial Surety Company by recommendation and have worked with them directly for several years.

Their staff is extremely knowledgeable, courteous and efficient, and always willing to assist at any given time. They are quick to respond and always professional in their demeanor. Their user friendly website is an additional advantage to the timely and accurate service they provide with the highest level of customer support.

We have enjoyed a wonderful working relationship with Colonial Surety Company in the fulfillment of our customer’s Fidelity Bonds and look forward to a long working relationship. For this reason, we have no hesitation in recommending Colonial Surety Company as a competent organization to any company wishing to purchase, track and mange their ERISA/Fidelity Bonds and Fiduciary Liability Insurance.”

Christine Carroll
Plan Administrator
CBIZ Benexx, MD

“Colonial Surety is wonderful in helping us obtain bonds for our clients. The staff is really knowledgeable, courteous and efficient. Our questions and concerns get addressed promptly and our clients are happy with the service Colonial Surety provides.”

Randy Coble
Coble Pension, AZ